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1 Connections

Does the scheme integrate into its surroundings by reinforcing existing connections and creating new ones, while also respecting existing buildings and land uses around the development site?

1a Where should vehicles come in and out of the development?

1b Should there be pedestrian and cycle only routes into and through the development? If so where should they go?

1c Where should new streets be placed and could they be used to cross the development site and help create linkages across the scheme and into the existing neighbourhood?

1d How should the new development relate to existing development? What should happen at the edges of the development site?

We recommend

Thinking about where connections can and should be made; and about how best the new development can integrate into the existing neighbourhood rather than creating an inward looking cul-de-sac development.

Remembering that people who live within a new development and people who live nearby may want to walk through the development to get somewhere else, so carefully consider how a development can contribute towards creating a more walkable neighbourhood.

Thinking carefully before blocking or redirecting existing routes, particularly where these are well used.

Creating connections that are attractive, well lit, direct, easy to navigate, well overlooked and safe.

Ensuring that all streets and pedestrian/cycle only routes pass in front of people's homes, rather than to the rear of them.

We recommend that you avoid

  • Not considering how the layout of a development could be designed to improve connectivity across the wider neighbourhood. 
  • Not considering where future connections might need to be made - or could be provided in the future.